Darlene Gargul – Parade Marshall for 2017

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The Canada Day Committee for MRC Deux-Montagnes is pleased to announce that Darlene Gargul has graciously accepted to be our Parade Marshall for 2017.

The Deux-Montagnes community knows Darlene as a person of action – the founder and driving force behind 4 Korners; a member of the initial core group which launched Women’s Time Out; a Board member and contributor to the Heritage Social Club; a leader in providing guidance and mentorship to women – the list goes on and on.

Darlene Leroux was born in 1943 in Parry Sound, Ontario.  The daughter of a soldier fighting overseas and a teacher, Darlene moved to Douglastown, Québec (on the Gaspe peninsula) to live with her mother’s family when she was only three months old.  But when her father came back from the war, the family moved to the Montreal area, and eventually ended up in Roxboro.

Self-admittedly, Darlene was a teenager and young adult who was driven and did not accept restrictions or barriers, threads which have continued throughout her life.   Darlene was also instilled with a sense of community from her parents who were also very active with local organizations.  Having earned a teaching degree in 1962 from St. Joseph Teachers College (now part of McGill), Darlene held positions with the Montreal Catholic School Board, the Laurenval School Board and, after a cross Canada trip, a one-year stint in a two-classroom school house in Fort St. John, in Northeastern BC.

Having stopped teaching to begin a family, Darlene, with husband Ed Gargul and her three kids, Mark, Neil and Debbie, moved to Two Mountains in 1978 to a home that she still lives in today.  Bringing her energy and her confidence to the forefront, Darlene made her mark in the community and has continued to do so right up to today.  Here is a snapshot of organizations and programs that have been touched by Darlene: 4 Korners Family Resource Center, Women’s Time Out, Heritage Social Club, St. Jude Elementary School Committee, Deux Montagnes Soccer, CEDEC, CRASLA, Laurentian English Services Advisory Committee, Learning from the Roots Seniors Project, not to mention her countless other contributions to Montreal-based organizations, including the Montreal Women’s Network.   Darlene also obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Social Sciences from Concordia in 1986.

Besides being most proud of her children and grandchildren and the upstanding citizens they have become, Darlene is also gratified with how she has been able to teach and mentor women via the “Effectiveness Training Program” to help them gain the skills and empowerment they needed to become leaders in their own right.  Thirty years later, people still come up to her to thank her for how she has impacted their lives from this training.

In this special 150th year of our nation’s existence, the Canada Day Committee is thrilled to have such an outstanding representative of our community serve as our Parade Marshall for 2017. Congratulations Darlene!